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National Countdown on the Trump Presidency?

Donald Trump has crossed so many lines of impropriety without suffering any consequences, Americans of good conscience are wondering if the latest outrage of having the President of the United States equate white supremacy, neo-Nazis, and the KKK with anti-racism protesters might finally be an outrage too far. Can US citizens proud of a heritage of freedom and equality digest having a white nationalist and Confederate sympathizer stand as America's moral authority in their name? READ MORE.

Michigan Trump Blames 'Both Sides' for Violence in Charlottesville

President Trump surprised both sides of the political aisle during his Tuesday press conference in Trump Tower. READ MORE.

Marootian Named Interim Head of D.C. Dept. of Transportation

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced earlier this month she has named gay former Obama administration official Jeff Marootian as interim director of the D.C. Department of Transportation, known as DDOT, effective Aug. 11. READ MORE.

Texas Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Dies

The Texas House of Representatives adjourned on Tuesday without voting a bill that would limit transgender people from using bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. READ MORE.

National Chanting in Charlottesville: 'Fuck You, Faggots'

One of the loudest chants by white supremacists rallying in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday was "Fuck you, Faggots." READ MORE.

Ogilvy Survey Provides Insight Into The Rewards of LGBT Inclusion

Though it might surprise some to learn that 65 of Americans feel that LGBT inclusion is good for the economy, it was what Ogilvy's Bill Berman suspected his agency's most recent LGBT marketing survey would show. READ MORE.

Michigan LGBT Groups Condemn White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville

LGBT rights groups are among those who have condemned a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday that descended into violence. READ MORE.

ACLU Sues Metro to Reinstate Ads for Milo, Others

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday charging that the D.C.-area Metro transit system's decision to ban advertisements for a book written by gay conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos and "message" ads from three other groups, including the ACLU itself, violates the First Amendment. READ MORE.

Trans Military Ban Halted By War Threat

It took the threat of nuclear war with North Korea to reportedly get the White House to put a hold on the policy re-instituting the ban on open transgender service in the military. READ MORE.

Trump Sued Over Plans to Ban Transgender Military Service

President Trump's recently announced plan to bar transgender people from the armed forces isn't yet policy, but LGBT legal groups have already initiated a lawsuit seeking to enjoin enforcement of the ban. READ MORE.

62 Lawmakers Blast Anti-Gay DOJ Filing in Bicameral Letter

In a letter dated Aug. 7 and made public Tuesday, the lawmakers assert the Justice Department's recent friend-of-the-court brief in the case of Zarda V. Altitude Express is "not only contrary to existing law, but violates our nation's ideals of liberty and justice for all." READ MORE.

Kellyanne Conway Says Trans Military Ban Is 'Forthcoming'

Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to President Trump, appeared on ABC News "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday and was asked about the series of unexpected Trump tweets posted on July 26 announcing a ban on transgender military service. READ MORE.

White House Issues Guidance on Trump's Trans Military Ban

Trump's tweets last week announcing a ban on transgender individuals serving openly in the U.S. military was turned into a "guidance" policy for implementation that passed muster with the White House Counsel's office Friday night. READ MORE.

House Dems: Trump's Trans Military Ban 'Unconstitutional On Its Face'

A group of 53 House Democrats is warning the Pentagon that following through with policy to implement President Trump's transgender military ban would be "unconstitutional on its face." READ MORE.

Gavin Grimm Case Sent Back to Lower Court

The case of a transgender teenager who challenged his Virginia school district's bathroom policy has been sent back to a lower court. READ MORE.

National Research Shows Gaps In Health Services Provided to LGBT People

Research shows gaps in types of services offered at LGBT community health centers. READ MORE.

Michigan Judge Orders FBI to Release Docs on 1950s-Era Anti-Gay Purge

A U.S. District Court judge in Washington on July 28 handed down a ruling ordering the FBI to search for and release thousands of documents it initially said it could not find or declined to release that pertain to an anti-gay "purge" in the 1950s that resulted in the firing of thousands of gay federal employees. READ MORE.

10 Days In, Pro-LGBT Scaramucci Out From White House Role

Ten days after his appointment as White House communications director, which some hoped would change the administration's approach to LGBT rights, Anthony Scaramucci has left the role. READ MORE.

Ex-Navy Doctor Promises Free Surgery for Trans Military Patients

Dr. Christine McGinn, an ex-Navy surgeon, has vowed to offer free gender-confirmation surgery for transgender military patients. READ MORE.

45 Senators Call on Mattis to Resist Trump's Transgender Military Ban

A bipartisan group of 45 senators led by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) are calling on Defense Secretary James Mattis to resist President Trump in his plan to bar transgender people from the U.S. armed forces. READ MORE.

Senate Rejects 'Skinny' Trumpcare in Narrow, Late-Night Vote

The U.S. Senate rejected early Friday morning an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace with it a "skinny" version of Trumpcare, raising serious questions about whether President Trump will succeed in his campaign of dismantling Obamacare. READ MORE.

Gen. Dunford: 'No Modifications' to Trans Military Service for Now

The top uniformed military adviser to President Trump has told his subordinates the U.S. military will have "no modifications" to its policy allowing transgender troops to serve until further guidance from the White House. READ MORE.

NGLCC Celebrates 15 Years of Supporting LGBT Businesses

More than 1,000 entrepreneurs, corporate decision-makers, leaders from 52 affiliated local chambers nationwide - alongside federal, state, and city government officials from across the country and representatives from around the world - will gather Aug. 1-4 at the 2017 NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference. READ MORE.

DOJ: Anti-Gay Discrimination Perfectly OK Under Federal Law

The U.S. Justice Department has declared anti-gay discrimination is lawful under current federal civil rights law, filing an friend-of-the-court brief in a case of alleging employment discrimination. READ MORE.

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