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National Trumps First 100 Days

The idea of reflecting upon a president's "first 100 days in office" started with President Franklin Roosevelt. According to The Washington Post, Roosevelt touted his own accomplishments in trying to pull the country out of the economic Great Depression. READ MORE.

'Diverse' co-chairs named for LGBT march on Washington

Organizers of a planned LGBT march on Washington scheduled for June 11, which has been named The Equality March for Unity and Pride, released on April 19 the names of 12 of 13 co-chairs of the event but provided few additional details such as how it will be financed or the route of the march."The Equality March for Unity and Pride is less than two months away and we are thrilled to host this historic march in our nation's capital," a statement released by organizers says. READ MORE.

Clinton Blasts Trump for Actions Against LGBT Rights

"We've learned something important, that the progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we've celebrated, and maybe even taken for granted may not be as a secure as we once expected," Clinton said.Clinton criticized Trump for his rollback of guidance ensuring protections in schools for transgender students, saying her "heart broke" when she learned of it. She also assailed Trump's proposed rollback of HIV and AIDS research funds in his budget. READ MORE.

Sen. Baldwin Prepares for Re-election Fight in 2018

As Democrats gear up for the congressional mid-term elections in 2018, one race that will be critical for the LGBT community and potentially a challenge to win is the re-election bid of U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), the only out lesbian in Congress. READ MORE.

Michigan NYC Activists Protests Gay Arrests in Chechnya

Roughly 60 LGBT rights activists gathered outside the Russian consulate in New York on Saturday to protest the arrest of more than 100 gay men in Chechnya. READ MORE.

National California Latest to Affirm N.C. Travel Ban Despite HB2 Replacement

California has joined the growing number of jurisdictions keeping in place travel bans to North Carolina enacted in protest over House Bill 2 despite the state's governor signing into law a replacement for the anti-LGBT measure. READ MORE.

World OutGames Hosts Global LGBTQ Human Rights Conference

The Global LGBTQ Human Rights conference is positioned to be the most powerful global gathering of internationally respected human rights activists, researchers, legal scholars and trade organizations during World OutGames in Miami. READ MORE.

Study Finds Married LGBT Older Adults are Healthier, Happier

Same-sex marriage has been the law of the land for nearly two years -- and in some states for even longer - but researchers can already detect positive health outcomes among couples who have tied the knot, a University of Washington study finds. READ MORE.

DOJ Withdraws Lawsuit Against N.C. Anti-trans Bathroom Law

Although North Carolina replaced anti-LGBT House Bill 2 with a law that critics say still enables anti-LGBT discrimination, the U.S. Justice Department has withdrawn the lawsuit against the state filed last year under Obama administration. READ MORE.

Texas to Consider Anti-LGBT Legislation Based on HB2 Deal

In a sign the new law in North Carolina that replaced House Bill 2 may be exported to other states, the Texas legislature is set on Wednesday to consider anti-LGBT legislation that bears a striking resemblance to the North Carolina deal. The bill, House Bill 2899, was introduced Friday by Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton) as a compromise proposal for lawmakers seeking to enact anti-LGBT legislation in Texas as the biennial legislative session in Texas winds down. The legislation is set for a hearing Wednesday in the House State Affairs Committee. READ MORE.

In First, Fed'l Appeals Court Rules Anti-gay Bias Barred Under Current Law

For the first time, a federal appeals court has determined discrimination based on sexual orientation amounts to sex discrimination and is unlawful under current civil rights law. READ MORE.

LGBT Groups Seek to Derail Army Nominee Over Anti-trans Views

President Trump's nomination of an Army secretary who as a Tennessee state legislator spearheaded legislation allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people has inspired LGBT advocates to launch a campaign to thwart his confirmation. READ MORE.

4th Circuit Denies Request to Expedite Gavin Grimm Case

A federal appeals court on Friday denied a motion to expedite the case of a transgender student who is challenging his Virginia school district's bathroom policy. READ MORE.

New Mexico Latest State to Ban Discredited 'Ex-gay' Therapy

New Mexico Gov. Susanna Martinez signed into law on Friday a measure against widely discredited "ex-gay" conversion therapy, making the Land of Enchantment the seventh state to prohibit ban the practice for youth. READ MORE.

Court Rules for Same-sex Couple Denied Housing by Colo. Landlord

A federal judge has ruled for a same-sex couple who alleged discrimination after a Colorado landlord refused to grant them housing, issuing relief on the basis the discrimination they faced amounted to unlawful sex stereotyping. READ MORE.

NBC Out to Launch Inaugural #Pride30 List

The LGBTQ community has so much to be proud of, and Pride Month gives LGBTQ people and their allies an opportunity to celebrate their successes and the people who are making positive contributions to society. READ MORE.

HB2 Deal Becomes a Test of the LGBT Movement's Strength

A new test for the LGBT movement has emerged in the aftermath of North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signing a deal to replace his state's notoriously anti-LGBT House Bill 2 with a measure that critics say leaves discrimination in place.In a rare occurrence, LGBT rights supporters will have to convince businesses the deal signed by a Democratic governor is bad enough to continue the boycott started after the anti-LGBT law was signed by the previous GOP governor that cost the state at least $650 million. That'll be a tall order for a deal Cooper says alleviates discrimination in a state that has already suffered economic boycotts under HB2 and where companies are eager to grow after more than a year of business contraction. READ MORE.

NCAA Restores Games to North Carolina Despite New Anti-LGBT Law

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has decided to restore games to North Carolina in the aftermath of the state reaching a deal to replace anti-LGBT House Bill 2 with another measure that civil rights groups say is discriminatory.The league announced in a statement Tuesday the "new law is far from perfect," but the board of directors reached the conclusion to restore games to North Carolina after evaluating the HB2 replacement signed by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper after negotiations with Republican leaders. READ MORE.

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