Plummer's Helper


1 Prick

5 Rubbed with rubber

11 Some go to hail to get one

14 Circle over St. Peter's head

15 Like some candle at St. Mary's

16 Park of NYC

17 With 36-Across, current movie with a major role recast

19 Magneto to the X-Men

20 "Fabu!"

21 France's CUte d'___

22 Where Boy Scouts sleep together

23 Toward Dinah?

25 Patron of Wilde's homeland, briefly

27 Angelou with some Mexicans of old?

30 Joe Cocker's "You ___ Beautiful"

33 Stonewall Jackson's soldiers

36 See 17-Across

39 Tin Woodsman's tool

40 Calls for

41 Three of Caesar's people

42 Recast character in this puzzle's movie

44 Liberace fabric

45 Major blood carrier

46 "A Room of One's Own," e.g.

48 Nuts to a lesser degree

51 Periodical boners

55 Ornament in "Cleopatra," perhaps

57 Chains around a knight

60 Shakespeare's Andronicus

61 Honolulu gift

62 Director who recast Christopher Plummer in the role of 42-Across

64 Son of Prince Valiant

65 Noble or Valby

66 "No" voter

67 Signal that goes either way

68 Least significant

69 Cruise obnoxiously


1 Her name is Alexander

2 Maupin stories

3 Islam's deity

4 Copulatory recipients

5 Second person

6 Nero's city

7 All-inclusive

8 Source of stuff that may run down your face

9 Frequent foe of Navratilova

10 Laurie Partridge portrayer Susan

11 Where students eat it

12 Shakespeare's river

13 ___ poet (Ginsberg as a vegetarian)?

18 60 minutes with Frida

22 Source of poi

24 Initial gay bar activity

26 Fondles clumsily

28 Initial stake

29 Tennessee, but not Williams

31 Like a Muscle Mary who does sit-ups

32 Garfield's pal

33 Indian head

34 Trade show, for short

35 Hides of hairy guys?

37 Flirts with, with "on"

38 Meredith's "Family Ties" role

40 Zip

43 Place for Young men?

44 Like Lord Byron's works

47 They're performing, in "Fame"

49 Nellie-lover in "South Pacific"

50 "M*A*S*H" company clerk

52 In accord

53 "CosI fan ___ "

54 No longer lying with one's partner

55 Melodramatic cry

56 Peter by the piano

58 Eurythmics' "Would ___ to You?"

59 Part of Mapplethorpe's equipment

62 Band fronted by Michael Stipe

63 "But on the other hand..."

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