Hidden Quote


1 A bit of dialogue from this movie is hidden in the circled letters of this puzzle

8 Frida's celebrations

15 Emulate Dr. Kildare

16 They may penetrate your enemies

17 He rubs you the right way

18 Remove a light bulb

19 Painting and such, to da Vinci

20 By ___ of (owing to)

22 Craig Claiborne's gumbo pod

23 Maiden name preceder

25 "C'est Moi," to King Arthur

27 "That's the pot calling the kettle beige," e.g.

30 Bones in the pelvic area

31 Picks up

35 Position firmly

37 "Our" to Pasolini

39 From ___ Z (the whole shebang)

40 Inventor's monogram

41 Pre-Epstein Beatle Sutcliffe

42 NATO turf

43 Electrifying speech

45 Carol of Broadway

47 Member of the opposition

48 Distribute sparingly

50 One that ought to be paddled

51 Poke in the backside

53 In an excited state, perhaps

54 Actor Johnson and others

56 Shakespeare's Othello, for one

58 Soprano Gluck

62 Gertrude Stein portraitist

64 Frilly mats

66 Michelangelo, for one

67 Game divisions for Pallone

68 Good fortune that comes on you suddenly

69 Proded


1 What you might be in when you're out

2 On ___ with

3 Top

4 It goes with old lace on Broadway

5 Charlotte of "Facts of Life"

6 Piece for Liberace

7 She played Lois to Dean's Clark

8 Tutti's partner

9 McKellen of "Gods and Monsters"

10 Coarse salt in the tub

11 Reacts to homophobia, perhaps

12 Ariz., once

13 Drama, to Tennessee Williams

14 One-eighty from NNE

21 "Aida" backdrop

24 Hog the stage

26 He comes once a year

27 Ben Stiller's mother Anne

28 Chekov in the "Star Trek" movie

29 Strikes through

30 Dick Button's milieu

32 Had oral sex at home?

33 "Versace On The Floor" singer Mars

34 He drilled Gomer Pyle

36 Elaine ___ ("Taxi" role)

38 Pound portion

41 Cyndi Lauper's "___ Bop"

44 Traffic lights, e.g.

45 African queen

46 Writer Barney

49 Donny of "Dreamcoat"

52 Davis of "King"

53 _Mr. ___ _ (1996 DeGeneres film)

54 "The Celluloid Closet" author Russo

55 West Point, e.g. (abbr.)

57 Garfield's whipping boy

59 Swedish soprano Jenny

60 "Let ___ Lover"

61 Grp. or org.

62 One in a fairy tale threesome

63 ___ Francisco

65 Having one sharp, to Bernstein

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