Edie & Thea


1 Family docs

4 ISP invested in PlanetOut Partners

7 Story about a man scattering his seed, e.g.

14 Virginia Woolf novel

16 "My own private" state resident?

17 Go to the bottom

18 With 19-Across, act overturned in the Supreme Court by Edie & Thea's suit

19 See 18-Across

21 Ariz. clock setting

22 Coin in Nureyev's pocket

23 Robert De ___

25 Crude material

27 Poet who inspired _Cats_, initially

28 "You just gotta have ___ or you're out of luck" ("Funny Girl")

31 Moan, like Albert to Armand

33 Crowd at the gay rodeo?

35 Bert, to Ernie

36 Takei of "Star Trek"

37 With 59-Across, "Edie & Thea: ___ " (2017 film)

40 Homo's tail?

43 Former Pakistan president

44 Vast area in Asia

48 Popular variety of nuts

49 Jewelle Gomez's " ___ Stories"

51 ___ Tin Tin

52 Very hairy swinger

53 One side of Ed Wood

55 Areas between hills

57 Charlotte of "Facts of Life"

59 See 37-Across

62 Thea Spyer's wife Edie

64 Relevant to Greer?

65 Cockamamie

66 Willa Cather character

67 "Naked" David

68 Lawyer's thing

69 Like McCullers' cafe


1 Come out, perhaps

2 Like Liberace's sequins

3 Enjoy the bedroom

4 Mitchell of NBC News

5 River of Ulrichs' country

6 Petty of "Orange Is the New Black"

7 Like an irregular tongue

8 "Do" in "The Sound of Music"

9 WWII fighter pilots of Eng.

10 Deep throat sound

11 Yves' evening utterance

12 Avoiding premature ejaculation

13 Uey from WSW

15 Like a thermometer that tastes funny

20 Process for Niles or Frasier

24 Wilson of "Zoolander"

26 Writer Harper

29 Kind of sheet

30 Elton John's "Act of ___"

32 Boss of "The Dukes of Hazzard"

34 What a computer may spit out

36 Stick it in the slow ones

38 Rhames of "Holiday Heart"

39 Like Abner, before Viagra?

40 Emissions-watching org.

41 Return to a theme, to Bernstein

42 Swimmer where sailors cruise

45 What Joan of Arc was maid of

46 Years that go both ways?

47 Word of preference

49 Gay mag and others?

50 Heads off

54 TEa of "Spanglish"

56 BB's, e.g.

58 Barry Humphries' Dame

60 Tutti-frutti ingredient

61 Trait carrier

62 "Till There ___ You"

63 Title for Ian McKellen

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