1 Whack, off, or delight

5 Bit of salt, for Stephen Pyles

9 Rubber-stamp

13 "Hi" to Lorca

14 Man, as a cruising goal

15 "Six Feet Under" box material

16 Gomer's "anti"

17 Coldcock

18 Barry Humphries' Dame

19 With 55-Across, upcoming TV movie with Laverne Cox

22 "___ little silhouetto of a man ..."

23 Large phallus painter

27 Isle of exile in Brando's "Desiree"

30 Quite a bargain

31 Lance in a robe

34 "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," e.g.

37 Guy into bottoms?

38 Character played by Laverne Cox

41 Bro of Jacko

42 Pillow covers

43 Queer

44 Train that comes quickly

46 It's hard and woody

48 Book that mentioned Adam but kept Steve a secret?

51 "Les ___ " of Broadway

55 See 19-Across

58 Some eagle feathers

61 Composer Thomas

62 Cub slugger

63 Scat queen Fitzgerald

64 Pal from Down Under

65 Genie portrayer Barbara

66 Bedfellow

67 Creature in a "Star Wars" sequel

68 Comes out with


1 She had her hand up Lamb Chop

2 HRC's equal sign, and others

3 Gertrude's partner

4 Doodle in a musical

5 Gossip

6 Memo start

7 Sucking sound

8 Painter Matisse

9 Lily Tomlin's Ernestine, for one

10 Dan Savage memoir, with "The"

11 Beebo Brinker creator Bannon

12 Oral vote

20 Where Franklin, Winston, and Josef had a threesome

21 Place for future Lts.

24 ___ music (do Britten's job)

25 Satisfied fully

26 Words said from one's knees, perhaps

28 Just says no

29 Ornament in "Cleopatra", perhaps

31 Where to see Tom, Dick, or Harry

32 Brief moment

33 When to have sex

35 Alice's insect tour guide in Wonderland

36 "All ___" (1984 Tomlin film)

39 Be able to say, "I'm not myself"?

40 The way we word

45 "___ was saying ..."

47 Lip service?

49 Start of Caesar's boast

50 The Scarecrow's "viscera"

52 Mary's _The Mary Tyler Moore Show_ girlfriend

53 Film director Joseph

54 Lake ballet dancers

56 Gay Talese's " ___ the Sons"

57 Have on too much perfume, e.g.

58 Some like it hot

59 The whole shebang

60 Not in the pink

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