1 Coin for Kahlo

5 Not cut, say

11 Supporter of bedroom activity

15 Jack of old Westerns

16 Emulated Kerouac's "On the Road"

17 Dancer Tommy

18 Start of a quote from a song about lost loved ones

21 Speedy train

22 Ball lover

23 Ram as far up as you can get?

24 Snake, to Medusa

26 Big squares above crossword clues

27 More of the quote

32 Butch lesbian accessories

35 Robert of "Camelot"

36 Partner of Felix, for example

40 E. Lynn Harris' " ___ Way the Wind Blows"

41 Cooked immediately

42 Hero's ending

43 More of the quote

46 Writer of the song

49 "Same here!"

50 Rhett Butler's final word

54 Maria's "do" equivalent

55 Time that goes either way

56 Homeopathic plant

57 Lorca's zip

58 Start of a footnote abbr.

59 End of the quote, and title of the song

62 Deli sandwich holder

64 Painting and such, to da Vinci

66 "The Karate Kid" star Pat

67 Layer beneath two plastic brides

68 "Va-va-va-___!"

69 Sign of horniness?

70 Shape of George Frenn's track

71 Pomo ___ Homos

72 Feel rancor about

73 Moliere's mom


1 Elizabeth of "Transamerica"

2 Word on a Stonewall Democrat's poster

3 Pack rat

4 Brunch dishes

5 Pirate interjections

6 Sticky-tongued critter

7 "The Black Clark Gable" Diggs

8 Vital team

9 Old fruit drink

10 JFK's predecessor

11 Some Willa Cather works

12 Appealingly shocking

13 Warhol's range?

14 Gay wedding guide author Ayers

19 Too hasty

20 Shoot off a flare, e.g.

25 George of "It's My Party"

26 Crawled out of bed

28 "Getting to Know ___"

29 Obstacle, to Shakespeare

30 Wright angle?

31 Beginning to whiz

32 Skin designs, for short

33 Commemorating

34 Examiner of the balls in your sockets

37 Solid hit, in Glenn Burke's sport

38 Like annual sex

39 One with a foamy head

44 "___-hoo! Fellas!"

45 "Mod Squad" character

47 Colonel, to Cammermeyer

48 Lupino of "Women's Prison"

50 Vocalist Vic

51 Gives a heads-up to

52 Disney's "The Gnome-___"

53 Spruce up

58 Liquid that's shot off

60 Nicky, in "Funny Girl"

61 It shouldn't come before the horse

63 Gardner of mystery

65 Alt-rock genre

67 Hulce of "Amadeus"

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