Top Review Of A Probe


1 HIV exam, e.g.

5 You may pick one up at a bar

10 "Spartacus" or "Ben-Hur"

14 " ___ The Woods"

15 Computer knockoff

16 It means nothing to Frida

17 Source of red balls

18 Single-handed

19 Wet spot cause

20 Start of a top review

23 Moist ending

24 Maiden name preceder

25 Big tops

27 Gas or clutch

29 New corp. hires

32 Rilke's ice

33 Pussy input

36 Curve and others

37 A space probe

39 Sound of getting banged?

41 Tammy Baldwin ad word

42 The other woman

43 Make messy

44 Artist Eva

48 Some nerve

50 Preposition that goes either way

52 Alf and others

53 End of a top review

58 Ambience

59 Oscar, for one

60 Court figure Mandlikova

61 Jacques of song

62 One who comes out after some rubbing

63 Firm member (abbr.)

64 Warhol of soup fame

65 Look dirty?

66 Porgy's lady


1 Is active in B&D

2 Bear

3 Eyed impolitely

4 Gertrude Stein's "A Long Gay Book," for one

5 "Do-Re-Mi" subject

6 Kate's sitcom partner

7 Admire a hottie

8 Shakespeare's Hathaway

9 Bottomless

10 Provide

11 Wife and wife, e.g.

12 Cockamamie

13 Head cover

21 Sib of the bride, to the other bride

22 OCS grads

26 Inflated doll leak sound

28 Served perfectly, to Mauresmo

29 Social customs

30 Make water bubble

31 Woodcarver's tool

34 Kind of traffic

35 Batman and Robin to Catwoman

36 Initial stake

37 Like gay teens with supportive moms and dads

38 Earth tone

39 Even if, for short

40 "Breakfast at Tiffany's" actress

43 AT&T rival

45 "Julius Caesar" setting

46 Jobs of doubles

47 Some Bacon pieces

49 Pisa place

50 Kind of queer

51 Less polite

54 Gets behind

55 Wilson of "Zoolander"

56 Weathercock

57 Moby Dick chaser

58 Old cagers' org.

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