Glenn 'Agenda Alert' Slammed By Mt. Pleasant Newspaper

State Rep. Gary Glenn, who also serves as president of the American Family Association of Michigan, caused a national uproar last week when he issued an "Agenda Alert" over the Midland Daily News' announcement it had appointed an openly gay man to a news editor post.

On Saturday, The Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun used editorial space to slam the lawmaker's alert.

"Ironically, what Glenn has really accomplished with this agenda alert is to alert everyone to his own agenda and to remind all of us why antidiscrimination (sic) laws and ordinances really are needed. In today's more-accepting society, we sometimes think those types of laws aren't necessary, that discrimination is in the past," the editorial team wrote. "Glenn's anti-homosexual views are well known. For years, his critics have accused him of being homophobic and a hate monger."

The editorial went on to quote the Midland Daily News' introduction of the new editor.

"There was a time when straight people didn't state that they were divorced, or living together," the editorial team wrote. "There was a time when gay people didn't admit to their relationships. We live in a new era. We believe Glenn's view that it does not reflect the Midland community is outdated. Gay marriage has growing support nationwide and it's doubtful the 2004 amendment would pass if it were voted on today. We know Gary Glenn isn't going to change his views. But this controversy has brought them to light in a new way. If Glenn truly wants to represent the views of his constituents, he should focus on the issues that matter: Roads, taxes, schools, prisons, the state budget, just to name a few."

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