Creep of the Week: Senator Alan Cropsey

By D'Anne Witkowski

Senator Alan Cropsey

As the rock band Judas Priest is "Hell Bent for Leather," so is Michigan Senator Alan Cropsey (R-Dewitt) hell bent for homos. He just can't stop thinking about them, specifically about how to discriminate against them.

Attorney General Mike Cox could have nabbed this week's Creep title for appealing the pro-family domestic partner benefits decision handed down Sept. 27. But we expected as much from him.

But as Governor Granholm moves forward to give DP benefits to state employees, Sen. Alan Cropsey is trying his best to get in the way of what is fair for gay and lesbian families.

It's no surprise that Cropsey isn't fond of the ruling that domestic partner benefits are a privilege of employment, not a right of marriage. After all, Cropsey was the man behind the original anti-gay marriage amendment introduced in the Senate and he's never been shy about his desire to yank benefits from families he doesn't approve of.

Cropsey is now introducing resolutions opposing the ruling and seeking to stop the state and public universities from using taxpayer money to provide DP benefits.

According to the Oct. 4 issue of the State News, Cropsey thinks gays have enough "special rights."

"We have a lot of areas in the state budget that we've been cutting and now to give special benefits to homosexuals as far as health benefits, I don't think that's what the people of the state of Michigan want," Cropsey told the State News. "I think the question of the government to go ahead and try to push the same-sex thing onto Michigan taxpayers is not wise until the decision is found by the Supreme Court."

I don't know about you, but I sure appreciate my family being tossed off as a "same-sex thing." You'd never guess that Cropsey was talking about actual people and families.

Of course, neither would he. That's the problem. To Cropsey and those who think like him, gays are abnormal at worst, political cannon fodder at best.

Which is why all of us need to contact our Senators and ask them to vote against these ridiculous resolutions.

The resolutions are supported by the Republican majority in the Senate according to a form letter I received from the office of Sen. Gilda Jacobs (D-Huntington Woods).

"Gay people and their families are taxpaying citizens who are required to abide by the law of the land just like anyone else," Jacobs writes. "The health care coverage referenced in the [Cropsey sponsored] resolutions has been earned through hard work and steady employment. To deny gay folks equal access to their work benefit packages is akin to treating them as second class citizens."

Contact your Senator now about these resolutions. You can find your Senator at Then give Cropsey a holler. Tell him that his obsession with gays is making you uncomfortable and ask him to stop. Call him toll free at 866-305-2133 or email

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